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Flying the GG4C Flag in Australia and Oceania
In achieving our goal of raising the Global Golf4 Cancer Flag in every continent, our inaugural campaign in Australia and Oceania – due to commence in October 2020 – will feature a selection of the finest golf clubs and golf resorts in both Australia and New Zealand. The 'Australia and New Zealand 4-Flag Campaign' was launched in December 2019 when Royal Melbourne, widely regarded as the pre-eminent golf club in the Southern Hemisphere, hosted the 13th edition of The Presidents Cup. Nick Edmund, the Founder of Global Golf4 Cancer, attended the event and met with a selection of prestigious clubs in Victoria and Tasmania.

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Support and Awareness: Special Dates and Occasions
Each of the participating venues is being invited to support the campaign and to raise a Global Golf4 Cancer awareness flag on their 4th hole between the 1st October and the 4th October 2020; and then going forward, to fly the flag on each of the four special 'GG4C Awareness Days' (the 4th February – World Cancer Day, 4th April, 4th July and 4th October). Clubs are of course welcome to fly the flag on any additional occasions / events of their choosing. (More details soon)

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