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Global-Golf4-Cancer is a globally active not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to inspire the golfing community to ‘fly the flag’ and support cancer sufferers worldwide.

Through utilising our distinctive Global Golf4 Cancer ‘4-Flag’, and by encouraging golf clubs and event organisers to periodically fly this flag on the 4th hole of their golf courses, we are able to create highly memorable campaigns and events that can deliver imaginative awareness and fundraising opportunities.

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Launching the Global Golf4 Cancer 4-Flag Campaign
Nick Edmund, the founder of Global-Golf4-Cancer (GG4C) and a two-time head and neck cancer survivor, launched the 4-Flag Campaign on March 4th 2017 when he began a walk of 2,000km along the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland carrying a set of golf clubs. The intention of this ‘golf-walk’ was to visit 40 golf clubs and personally deliver a GG4C 4-Flag to each club after playing their 4th hole – so raising awareness for the campaign and its goals.

Going Global: A Series of Bespoke Awareness Campaigns and Events
Following our successful launch, Global-Golf4-Cancer is now establishing a series of regional GG4C flag-flying awareness campaigns (including three additional ‘golf-walks’) and a selection of special GG4C flag-flying events throughout the golfing world. (Please visit our Campaigns and Events pages)

Flying the 4-Flag: the 4th of the Month and Quarterly Awareness Days
To facilitate the support of golfers and the golf industry, we are inviting a growing number of clubs to participate and periodically fly the GG4C 4-Flag. So in addition to this ‘4th hole flag-flying’ occurring during a regional campaign or on a special event day, clubs may wish to raise the flag on the 4th of every month – and keep it up for as many days as they chose, or they might prefer to fly the flag 4 times a year on the 4 quarterly ‘Global Golf4 Cancer Awareness Days’: on 4th January, 4th April, 4th July and 4th October.