The Founding Flag-Flyers of North America

Raising the GG4C 4-Flag in North America
Our inaugural campaign in North America features a selection of prestigious golf clubs and golf resorts located throughout the continent: north, south, east and west - with at least one club being invited to fly the flag in all 50 US states and all 10 Canadian provinces. Included among the first venues to support the campaign are the likes of Royal Montreal, Hamilton and Capilano in Canada, and Harbour Town and Pebble Beach in the US. In addition to raising the Global Golf4 Cancer flag on the four GG4C Quarterly Awareness Days, the clubs are being invited to fly the flag on their 4th hole from the 1st July (Canada Day) to the 4th July (US Independence Day).

A Royal first in Canada - and an East-West double first in the US
The GG4C 4-Flag flew for the first time in Canada on the 1st July 2018 at Royal Montreal GC - fittingly as the continent's oldest golf club. Our North American campaign was officially launched in May 2019 when the flag was raised simultaneously on the Atlantic east coast at Harbour Town (during the LINKS 30th Anniversary celebration) and on the Pacific west coast at Pebble Beach (during the World Invitational Father & Son 30th Anniversary Tournament).

As a symbolic 'forerunner' to the flag being raised across the US on the 4th July, the flag flew on the 4th hole at Harbour Town and on the iconic 7th hole at Pebble Beach.

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"A great golf course moves you to alternating highs and lows. It excites you, thrills you, and even frightens you.
In the end, a great golf course challenges the very best in you".
Steve Smyers