Our Global Campaign and our Regional Campaigns
We regard the Global Golf4 Cancer 4-Flag Campaign as both an awareness platform and a fundraising mechanism. In essence, when asking the golf community to ‘fly the flag for cancer fighters’, we are seeking its help in drawing attention to the work of various cancer charities and associated good causes and, where possible, its financial support so enabling us to help fund a range of cancer- fighting initiatives throughout the world. Our ambition is for the 4-Flag Campaign to become genuinely global in nature, and our path to achieving this is through establishing a series of regional flag-flying campaigns in every continent – bespoke, themed campaigns that will increase awareness of Global Golf4 Cancer, while at the same time creating new fundraising opportunities. (See our individual Campaign dropdown pages).

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Why a Flag on the 4th hole?
Aside from the fact that at least 1 in 4 of us is likely to be affected by cancer during our lifetime, ‘4’ is an important number in cancer. And from par fours, to fourballs and foursomes, '4' is perhaps the most significant number in golf. Every 9-hole and 18-hole course has a 4th hole with a pin or flag in it - one we aim at and interact with as we play the hole. The flag is a beacon and a banner; and in our campaigns 'flying the 4-flag' is emblematic of what we are striving to inspire: ‘global golf 4 cancer’.

Flying the 4-Flag and Quarterly Awareness Days
To facilitate the support of golfers and the golf industry generally, we are inviting a growing number of clubs and event organisers to raise the GG4C 4-Flag periodically, such as during a regional campaign or for a special event. We are of course delighted should clubs fly the flag whenever they wish, but are especially keen that they consider doing so 4 times a year on the 4 quarterly ‘Global Golf4 Cancer Awareness Days’ (4th January, 4th April, 4th July and 4th October).
"The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps. We must step up the stairs." Vance Havner